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The Best Ex Ambulance Vehicles For Sale

More and more people are looking for new ways to live and travel. Whether you want to jump on board with the tiny house movement or just have a cool way to travel around the country, you may benefit from a converted ambulance for sale. At SIV Ambulances, we sell high-quality used and refurbished ambulances. We also sell ambulance RV conversions for those who want to try traveling in a different way. Here’s what you need to know about our converted ambulance for sale.

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Is an Ambulance Camper Right For You?

Before you go all-in on an off road ambulance, you may want to consider if living in or traveling in an ambulance camper is the right move. Our converted ambulances for sale have the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the durability and power that comes from the ambulance while also enjoying plenty of room to put a bed and other RV necessities into it. However, using an off road ambulance means that you’ll need to be prepared for missing out on certain amenities that typical RVs offer. Our ambulance conversion can take an old and retired ambulance and transform it into a livable vehicle that you can use to hit the road practically anywhere. If you don’t mind driving in an ambulance conversion, then an ambulance camper might be right for you.

What Sort of Maintenance Does an Ambulance RV Require?

An ex ambulance camper is going to require all of the same maintenance that a typical ambulance will need. Ambulances use either trucks or vans for the mount of the patient module. An ambulance conversion doesn’t typically change what’s under the good. At most, it will remove the medical equipment that is housed in the patient module. When you need to do a repair on your ambulance RV, then you can take it in like it’s a normal truck or RV. It shouldn’t require anything special even though it’s an ex ambulance camper.

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Affordable & Reliable Ambulance RV Conversions

Our Ex Ambulance Vehicles For Sale Are Affordable

One reason why many people are considering ex ambulance vehicles for sale is that they’re affordable. A converted ambulance for sale is going to be cheaper than an actual RV. This is because the ambulance is smaller than the RV. It also only uses a truck or van engine whereas the RV may require something a bit bigger depending on its size. Ex ambulance cars for sale are also cheaper to run. RVs will guzzle through gas or diesel quickly. An ex ambulance camper doesn’t use as much gas. This allows travelers to go further with the savings from their gas budget.

Ambulance Conversions Allows for Off-Roading

Most RVs have to stick to roads or well-maintained dirt roads. They don’t have the right kind of power or wheels to go off-roading. An off road ambulance is a great ambulance conversion. Our ex ambulance cars for sale are a perfect solution for those who want to drive their RVs deeper into the woods. The power of the off road ambulance allows it to get through dirt and other rough terrains. The best part of ambulance RV conversions is that you don’t have to turn around to head back to your hotel or RV stationed at a camping site. Your ambulance camper can be parked practically anywhere thanks to our ambulance RV conversions.

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If you want a high-quality ambulance camper, then consider our inventory. Our ambulance RV conversions blend performance with comfort. Contact us today for more information about our ambulance RV.


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