Most ambulance dealers and remounters only provide minimal fabrication offerings, if they provide them at all and order fabricated parts directly from the Ambulance Manufacturer which costs you more money. The lead time to get these parts custom made from manufacturer is typically very long. We can save you time and money by making any new or replacement aluminum diamond plate part or stainless steel part in house.

The Area’s Only Full Service Metal Fabrication Shop for Ambulances

Let us handle your metal fabrication jobs. We fabricate all of our own aluminum diamond plate parts, as well as stainless steel parts such as:

Running Boards

Rub Rails

Corner Rock Guards

Rear Splash Guards

Rear Bumpers

Bumper Flip Steps

Bumper Caps

Aluminum Diamond Plate Interior Panels

Complete Aluminum Doors

Stainless Steel Door Thresholds

Stainless Steel Interior Panels

Stainless Steel Fuel Guards

Don't Wait, Save Now

We can custom fabricate any kind of part for an ambulance. Why wait for an extensive lead time from the ambulance manufacturer to get you a fabricated part for four times the cost? Save time and money by having us make the part for you, rather than waiting for us to send it out and have it shipped back. We can make complete exterior door panels from aluminum extrusions as the framework and then cover the frame with pan formed constructed aluminum skin.

An Evolving Skill Set

Combining the best in continuing education for our team and top-of-the-line equipment, we make sure that we’re on the cutting edge for custom fabrication and welding. Techniques and technology evolve over time--we make sure our staff does the same.

Without staying at the top of our game, we wouldn’t be here. We’re happy to show you examples of our work and we’re here to answer any questions you have during or about the process.

Custom Fabrication Using the Latest Equipment

Our welding and fabrication technicians have access to variety of equipment for handle even the largest fabrication jobs. We have access to all of the following equipment in our shop:

  • Sheetmetal Brake
  • Tennsmith Shear
  • Custom Made Welding Table
  • Dedicated Aluminum MIG Welder
  • Dedicated Steel MIG Welder
  • TIG Welder both Steel and Aluminum
  • Aluminum Router
  • Aluminum Cutting Saws
  • Hypertherm Plasma Cutter
  • Oxy Acetylene Torch


No matter if you need one aluminum diamond plate part fabricated or complete panels or doors for an entire vehicle. Give us a call today to discuss your aluminum or stainless steel fabrication needs, from basic, to super custom. We will work with your fabrication needs and keep your budget in mind, delivering a customized, functional product.