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Ambulance Maintenance & Repair Services

We understand the time and effort it takes to properly maintain and repair an ambulance, and the importance of keeping your truck on the road.

Bring Your Ambulance To Us For Repair & Maintenance Services

SIV Ambulances is dedicated to keeping your ambulance on the road rather than out of service so that your ambulance crews can keep on saving lives. We provide service on any ambulance brand and any OEM Ambulance Chassis such as Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, and Mercedes Sprinter. SIV Ambulances simply does service better and faster than our competition. Ideal for standard maintenance service and complex engine issues alike, our repair shop is committed to honesty, superior vehicle care, and cost-saving prevention for ambulance issues solved.

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Ambulance maintenance and repair

No BS Guarantee

At SIV, we believe in No BS. You will get a proper diagnosis with a clear explanation of the problem and we don’t just “throw” parts at the problem at your expense. Your should only have to pay for the parts and nothing else.


Our Employees Have the Right Experience

Our professional SIV technicians are ASE and EVT Certified. Many of them have worked for OEM Dealerships, bringing years of direct OEM-trained experience to our state-of-the-art ambulance refurbishing and repair shop. From remounting service to electrical repair, we are a full-service dealership with extensive maintenance and repair knowledge regarding all brands and models of ambulances.

Trust in our team of experts who have the training and certifications to improve the safety, longevity, and performance of your ambulance fleet today.



We perform 125 point inspections for your ambulance to identify issues as well as provide routine maintenance on Brakes, Tires, Oil Changes, Filters, Belts, Alignment, Doors, Latches, Handles


Ambulance Module Systems & Components

We can diagnose and repair all complex electrical systems, including making new wiring harnesses, testing relays, circuit boards, solenoids, inverters, and shorelines. Our Technicians are 12 volt masters, holding certificates in advanced 12 volt electrical training and repair. We can help you with issues regarding your sirens, air horns, lights, oxygen system, and anything else that needs repairing.


Engine Diagnostics & Repair

Send your ambulance and fleet to us for inspection and we will identify any issues or long-term concerns that could threaten the safety of your vehicle. From punctured water pumps to faulty fuel injectors and fuel pump problems, we can solve any issue with your ambulance. Whether it’s rebuilds or an engine swap, we are certified and experienced in every aspect of ambulance maintenance.

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Rear Differential

Rather than having to put a new rear end on, like most places would do, our technicians are trained to rebuild rear differentials to OEM specifications. Send your fleet to check up on your rear differential, swap out fluids, and even repair them in the case of a crack or leak.



Send your fleet to SIV to get a complete transmission checkup. We do complete flushes, diagnosis, and even rebuilds. We’ll ensure that your transmission is reliable and won’t fail under the most critical of circumstances.

suspension components

Suspension Components

The suspension components are some of the most vulnerable parts of your ambulance as they take a beating every time the ambulance is on the road and they tend to wear out very quickly over time. We can help replace or repair any worn out components that are causing the ambulance to handle poorly or causing premature tire wear, costing you money. We repair and service all OEM Suspension as well as Air Ride Systems, Kelderman and Liquid Spring.

Heat and AC repair

Heat & A/C

As an authorized dealer of the most popular Heat & A/C manufactures for ambulances, we service and repair any HVAC related issues. We make sure that your A/C system is blowing ice cold on those hot days and nice and warm on those cold days.

All the Latest Resources

Our Service department is equipped with all the latest tools and equipment to perform the simplest to the most complex task.

  • Bendpak 15,000lbs Truck Lifts
  • State of the Art Rotary Screw Kaeser Air Compressor
  • Hunter Engineering Wheel Balancer
  • Coats Tire Machine
  • Reelcraft Air Hose Reels
  • 50 Ton Hydraulic Press
  • Snap On Tools
  • Hein Warner USA Made Jacks
  • Robinair Automatic A/C Machine with leak detection
  • Ford VCM with IDS Diagnostics Scan Tool
  • Parts Washer Machine
  • Many Specialty Tools!
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Preventative Maintenance Can Prolong the Life of Your Ambulance

There’s no room for electrical failures, mechanical issues, and life-saving delays when your ambulances get called into action. Reliable ambulance performance is essential, and comprehensive ambulance maintenance is our specialty. From simple lighting and siren issues to complex troubles, our detail-oriented ambulance repair shop brings years of diagnostic expertise and a cost-saving mindset to every ambulance service.

Whether your ambulance is experiencing obvious issues or you’re planning for routine ambulance maintenance, our transparent service model begins with integrity and factual vehicle assessments. Following our 125-point ambulance inspection processes, you’ll gain valuable insight into the current state of your ambulance, like:

  • Is Ambulance Repair Service Required?
  • Which Specific Components & Parts Need Attention?

Why Invest in Proactive Ambulance Maintenance?

Assured staff and client safety, reduced vehicle costs, and improved driving performance come standard with reputable maintenance care. Our ambulance repair shop utilizes OEM-quality replacement components, and licensed ambulance maintenance practices, and stands behind every maintenance, repair, and ambulance refurbishing service.

Before a costly or unexpected ambulance failure takes one of your vehicles out of commission, allow our ambulance repair professionals to evaluate and optimize your trucks. We have extensive experience with every make and model of an ambulance and never back down from complex wiring issues, confusing engine problems, or any other trouble that only a certified ambulance service team can manage safely.

What Makes Us Different


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