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Collision Repair and Painting

When your ambulance gets into an accident, you need someone who has the experience and skill to fix it right. Choose SIV Ambulances and we will have your ambulance back on the road looking like new again.

Full-Service Collision Repair Shop

Unlike passenger vehicles, ambulance bodies are all built from heavy gauge aluminum and require specialized collision repairs, welding and body work that most shops cannot provide.

Whether your ambulance has been involved in an accident, or you just need some corrosion repaired and spot painted, we’re here to handle your needs. From minor dings to complete body overhauls, our ambulance body shop can perform any collision repair on your ambulance, because we are experts. We offer the following services for your ambulance or other EMS vehicle.

Collision Repair
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Collision Repairs

Has your ambulance been involved in an accident? Bring it to us. We perform major and minor collision repairs for ambulances and other EMS vehicles. Our ambulance body shop can perform complicated framework that other shops will not handle. We’ll make your ambulance look like new again, taking care to replace any internal parts that may have become damaged during the collision.

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Ambulance bodies are built from aluminum and rather then rusting they will oxidize. We know what the right process is to repair aluminum bodies. Our technicians will grind or sand down the oxidation and then spray a 2 part epoxy primer which is specially formulated to adhere to bare aluminum and prevents moisture from coming in and causing corrosion or oxidation in the future. Many shops skip this necessary step because it takes longer, but we believe to do it right the first time. We use only premium body Filler from the biggest name in the industry, Evercoat, to fill any areas that are not straight. Using the right filler prevents cracking and pin holes once the filler dries over time. Our ambulance body shop will repair the damaged panel so straight you won’t know the difference from new.

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Frame Straightening/ Body Pulls

If your ambulance has suffered frame damage, we can fix it. Many body shops do not have a frame machine capable enough to pull an ambulance frame but we do. We will ensure that your ambulance is restored to proper OEM safety standards. Has your ambulance ever hit an overhang and the top of the box is damage. Our ambulance body shop has a specially modified frame machine which is capable of reaching a full 8 feet off the ground to pull any area at the top of the ambulance module.

Ambulance Painting


A professional paint job requires a professional paint booth and premium paint. With a 45’ Long Heated and Pressurized Paint Booth, SIV Ambulances is one of the few companies in the area capable of painting large vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks, shuttles buses, trucks, and trailers.

We use PPG and Sikkens primers, sealers, basecoats, and clear coats to paint your ambulance to perfection just like the ambulance manufacturer does.

The ambulance is then wet sanded and buffed to like glass.

We can also color match the striping to your existing color.

Specialized Equipment

45 Foot Heated and Pressurized Paint Booth
Body Loc Frame Machine
SATA HVLP Paint Guns
Aluminum and Steel Welders
Aluminum Cutting Tools
Industrial Sanding and Grinding Tools
Specialty Body Tools

Best Supplies in the Industry

3M Sanding and Masking Products
Walter Cutting and Grinding Wheels
PPG and Sikkens Primers, Paint, and Clear Coat
Evercoat Body Fillers

What Makes Us Different?

Our industry experience, for one– We understand the emergency vehicle repair market better than anyone. Some of our technicians have toured ambulance factories such as PL Custom, Mickey Body, and AEV so that we can better understand the processes involved to build ambulances from scratch and apply them to our repair process so that we can meet oem and ambulance manufacturer original spec. We are here to serve your ambulance collision repair needs today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Our state-of-the-art equipment–our technicians are constantly studying the latest in industry trends to stay on top of the latest methods and techniques. We update our equipment regularly to offer the widest range of repair offerings. Our unmatched pricing. We understand that maintaining a fleet of emergency vehicles comes with a high cost. It’s why we offer the most competitive pricing in the industry. We understand the importance of saving you money while keeping your passengers safe. Don’t believe us? Contact us now for a no obligation ambulance repair quote.

What Makes Us Different


Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. If you are not completely satisfied with the results of your project, we will do whatever we can to make it perfect. No questions asked. But don’t wait, we’re here to take your business to next level immediately.

Our collision repair and paint shop has all the tools needed to service your entire ambulance fleet. Whether you need body work for 2 or 200 ambulances or emergency vehicles, SIV Ambulances will get it done.


Contact us today to see what we can do for you. Save time, and save money on all of your ambulance collision repairs. Call the team at SIV Ambulances today. Your entire fleet will be in good hands.