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Ford Ambulances For Sale

As one of only a dozen independent Ford QVM Certified Emergency Vehicle Facilities in the United States SIV Ambulances is the right choice when looking for a Ford Ambulance for sale. Finding the right Ford ambulance for your EMS Service, Rescue Squad, Medical Transport, Fire Department or Medical Center has never been easier. Ford is one of the most popular manufacturers for an ambulance whether you go with the new industry-leading 7.3L gas engine,  the super reliable 6.7L Power Stroke Turbo Diesel or the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 in the Transit give us a call.  We specialize in New Ford Remount ambulances as well as Used Ford ambulances.

Affordable Ford Ambulance Options

We Carry Various Ford Models

We carry a variety of models of Ford ambulances, and each model has its great benefits. Ford’s versatile line of ambulances is sure to have something that meets your needs. All Ford ambulances are spacious, especially in the module, which is very important for anyone looking to buy a Type I ambulance or Type III ambulance.

You Have Plenty of Module Space with Our Ford Ambulances

The Ford Transit ambulance was designed to have a more comfortable interior while maximizing space for the storage of medical equipment. Featuring the perfect balance of utility and safety, smart transit ambulance additions like quick-release vital equipment mounts and cabin-side crew restraints blend ease of patient care with reliable staff safety.

Other standout models within the Ford E Series feature similar safety and quality-of-care perks. Never compromise on medical supply space, crew safety, or overall patient care with an adaptable vehicle like the Ford 350 in your fleet.

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New and used Ford ambulances for sale

Built Ford Tough

Ford offers just the right chassis for your Type I with either the F350, F450, F550 Super Duty cabs. Maybe you need the F650 Medium Duty with eleven available wheelbases. The Type III ambulances’s most popular chassis is easily the E350 or E450 Super Duty. With its new 7.3L gas paired with a 6 speed automatic, the E-Series Cutaway is the go-to choice. We are your preferred Ford Ambulance Remount provider Nationwide. 

If you’re after a versatile platform that accelerates emergency response times in dense urban areas, our spacious Ford Transit ambulances boast:

Ease of Access

Outfitted with wide-opening rear doors and a convenient sliding door on the side, transitions into and out of the vehicle are simplified.

Cost-Effective Operation

Spend less on fuel and vehicle upkeep costs with any of our rugged transit options.

Thoughtful Design Features

From the user-friendly cabinet and seating arrangements to the compact and organized medical support features within, passengers and EMS providers alike benefit from the ease of operation and well-designed interior elements.

We Carry New & Used Ford Ambulances

Handle emergencies with the reliable engine power and spacious modules of the latest Ford ambulances for sale at SIV! Our used, refurbished, and newly-remounted ambulances undergo rigorous inspection and maintenance processes, ensuring unrivaled consistency and fully-operational systems in every model in our lineup.

For fuel-sipping performance and impressive responsive times, check out our selection of transit ambulances and Ford vans. Many of the expertly-cared-for vans and Ford 350/450 trucks in our affordable collection offer:

  • Improved fuel efficiency: Saving lives and shielding your company from excessive transportation costs is possible with SIV Ambulances. Compare the options in our Ford E Series and discover the perfect balance of vehicle power and engine efficiency.
  • Reduced long-term maintenance expenses: Long-lasting vehicle types like our Ford vans are built to outlast the competition. Pair any of our reliable emergency vehicles with our affordable maintenance services and continue to serve your community for less.
  • Smooth & safe operation: Road performance and numerous quality-of-life features define the Ford E series. A dependable, safe, and easy-to-drive Ford model is one less thing for your crew to stress about during a stressful emergency.

For broader life-saving capabilities, larger type I or III ambulances utilizing the trusted e450 or F350 ambulance platforms can streamline your team’s effectiveness. With Ford’s robust 350 platforms, your crew can expect incredible suspension performance, dependable braking, and heavy-duty tires that are capable of overcoming potholes and inclement conditions with ease. Our e450 platforms build upon these benefits; available in both diesel and gasoline models, compatible with the latest innovations in mobile life-support, and featuring more space to store critical life-saving equipment, your team will be prepared for life-saving success.

Whether you buy new or used at SIV, you can expect fine-tuned electrical/mechanical systems, smoother road performance, and incredible follow-up service with every sale. When lives are on the line, only the toughest of emergency vehicles belong in your fleet. Reach out to our certified team to compare our budget-friendly models, and stay a step ahead of every emergency with the quality your team can depend on.

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