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Ford Ambulances For Sale

For many medical centers, a Ford Ambulance remains one of the best brands out there. It’s tough, durable, and packs a lot of power. At SIV Ambulances, we pride ourselves on offering F350 ambulances for sale that pack a punch. If you want a Ford ambulance van or a Ford transit ambulance at a fraction of the cost of a new ambulance, then we can help you. Here are some features of our Ford ambulances for sale.

Affordable Ford Ambulance Options

We Carry Various Ford Models

Some companies may only specialize in carrying a specific Ford ambulance van or another kind of Ford ambulance. We carry various models. Whether you need a Ford transit ambulance, F350 ambulances for sale, a Ford E350 ambulance, or another model of Ford ambulance, then we can help you. Each model has its own benefits. If you’re a particular fan of a specific Ford ambulance for sale, then we can find what you’re looking for.

You Have Plenty of Module Space with Our Ford Ambulances

Another key feature of an ambulance from Ford is that they’re large and spacious. The driver’s cab has plenty of legroom. It’s also a wide model, so the patient module can be a bit spacious. This is important for those seeking a Type I or Type III ambulance. You need space in order to pack in extra medical equipment. Our Ford transit ambulance can offer that space. Your patients won’t feel enclosed in the module which may otherwise send them into a panic attack.

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Our F350 Ambulances For Sale are Built Tough

When you want a tough ambulance that can push through practically anything, then you want our F350 ambulances for sale. They and our Ford E350 ambulance make for great ambulances because they can take a few hits. When you’re on the road, you may need to push your ambulance through a downed tree or drive off the road. Your ambulance needs to be able to meet those challenges without breaking. A Ford model from us can ensure that your ambulance has a better chance of surviving rough-handling.

Our Ford Transit Ambulances are Fast Check Out Our Ford Transit Ambulances Today

If you want an ambulance that you can rely on when the miles start to add up, then you need an ambulance from Ford. Our ambulances from Ford are refurbished, high-quality, and will serve you well. Contact our team today to see what kind of Ford models we have available.


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