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2019 FORD E350 Description

We recently completed this SIV NexGen remount with Braun Module and is in stock and ready for your fleet. SIV is one of the few Ford QVM Certified ambulance remounters in the country so rest assured this remount has been done to Ford's Standards.
Eng Size6.8l
Fuel TypeGasoline

Chassis Cab

  • Modify exhaust per QVM Guidelines
  • Install New Fuel Fill Per QVM Guidelines
  • Transfer existing components from old to new center console
  • New Cab to Box Upholstery
  • New Cab to Box Seal
  • New Mud Flaps
  • New Back Up Alarm
  • New Stainless Wheel Simulators
  • New Diamond Plate Running Boards
  • New Exhaust Extension
  • New (2) Through the Bumper Feniex 100 Watt Speakers
  • New Stainless Speaker Covers
  • New front center console
  • Black Bedliner
  • Transfer Existing Weldon VMUX Vista Control Display
  • New LAMPHUS Siren Head
  • 2 Cup Holders
  • 1 Storage Compartment

Module Exterior

  • Module Change Over Type III to Type III
  • Dismount and Inspect all Surfaces and Framing for cracks and excessive wear
  • Mount to chassis “Squarely” using all new grade 8 bolts and new OEM rubber pucks
  • Mounting Per QVM Guidelines
  • New Diamond Plate Rear Bumper with Flip Step
  • New Diamond Plate Rock Guards
  • New Diamond Plate Rear Splash Guard
  • New Diamond Plate Rub Rails
  • New Diamond Plate Front Splash Guards
  • New Drip Rails
  • New Stainless Fenderettes
  • New Fuel Fill Housing with Stainless Surround
  • New License Plate LED Lamp
  • New Chrome Cowel Vent
  • Adjust and Service Curbside Sliding Door

Module Exterior Compartments

  • New Scorpion Bedliner
  • New door weather striping
  • Eberhard Door Hardware, Inspect, recondition, adjust, and replace as needed
  • Replace any defective Door Shocks
  • Service and Lubricate and Adjust existing door hardware
  • Replace Defective Door Lock Actuators
  • Replace any Defective Strikers
  • Adjust All Doors for proper operation
  • Clean all Door Hinges

Paint and Body

  • Remove all Decals and Residue
  • Degrease entire module including door jambs and prep for body shop
  • Inspect module for damaged areas and corrosion
  • Repair damaged and corroded areas following proper aluminum repair processes
  • Epoxy Primer any bare aluminum
  • 2k High Build Primer 2 or 3 coats as needed
  • Paint Entire Module Basecoat Color WHITE
  • Paint Entire Module Clearcoat 3 Coats
  • Polish and Buff Entire Module
  • **All Exterior Compartments as well as aluminum diamond plate panels to be Scorpion Bedlined
  • **Bedline Color to be LIGHT GRAY


  • New Front Wiring Harness
  • New 2/0 Main Electrical Cable to Batteries
  • New Battery Terminals/Lugs
  • Transfer existing Weldon VMUX electrical system
  • Inspect and Repair all electrical system components to operational condition
  • Transfer existing Front Weldon VMUX Vista Control Display
  • Transfer existing Rear Weldon VMUX Vista Control Display
  • New LAMPHUS Siren Head
  • Transfer 1000 Watt inverter
  • Install New OEM Battery at Battery Compartment and redo 2/0 as needed
  • Replace defective door switches
  • Test Kussmaul Auto Eject


  • All New Tecniq LED with Lifetime Warranty
  • All with New Chrome Flange and Gasket
  • (4) K90 Red Flasher Red Lens
  • (4) K70 Scene Clear Lens
  • (2) K70 Red Flasher Red Lens
  • (2) K60 Brake Red Lens
  • (2) K60 Turn Amber Arrow Mask
  • (2) K60 Reverse Clear Lens
  • (2) K50 Red Flasher Red Lens
  • (3) Red Markers
  • (3) Amber Markers
  • (6) LED Dome Lights
  • (4) New Florescent T8 Bulbs
Convert Front Light Bar Lights to LED
  • (4) K70 Red Flasher Clear Lens
  • (1) K70 White Flasher Clear Lens
Convert Rear Light Bar Lights to LED
  • (2) K70 Red Flasher Clear Lens
  • (1) K70 Amber Flasher Clear Lens

Modular Interior

  • Recondition Stainless Steel Rear Door Threshold
  • Recondition Stainless Steel Side Door Threshold
  • Lonseal LONPLATE II Flooring Gun Metal
  • Repair Subfloor if Needed
  • Replace any missing Floor Trim
  • Replace any defective cabinet hardware
  • Install Ferno Cot Retention
  • Replace any rusty or discolored screws
  • Transfer Captains Chair with Child Seat


  • Evaporator with 3 speed fan
  • New Dryer
  • New Expansion Valve
  • New High and Low Pressure AC hoses
  • New Heat water hoses
  • New Electronic water valves
  • New Fittings and hardware
  • Evacuate, Flush, and Pressure Test

Decals and Striping

  • Vehicle Shall be decaled Per Customer Spec


  • Apply Rubberized undercoating


  • Silicone All exterior aluminum
  • Full Cleaning Inside out
  • Grip Tape at Door Entrance
  • Reflective DOT Tape at Flip Step
  • Touch Ups

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