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The Best Used Type III Ambulances For Sale

When you need a reliable ambulance that can serve for medical emergencies, then you may want to consider a Type 3 ambulance. Similar to the Type 1 ambulance, the Type 3 ambulances offer a large cab that can store medical equipment. The main difference is in the vehicle that’s used as a mount. At SIV Ambulances, we offer high-quality used ambulances for sale. Here are a few features you should know about the Type 3 ambulance.

Used Type III Ambulances For Sale

Used Type III Ambulances Utilize a Cut-a-Way Van

Unlike Type I, the Type 3 ambulance uses a Cut-A-Way van mount similar to a Type 2 ambulance. For some ambulances, this might mean a little less power. However, the cut-a-way version does come with a wider port that connects the driver’s cab to the patient’s module. Instead of being a mere window, the opening is actually the size of a door. This is beneficial for some users because it allows them to easily communicate with the driver during an intense situation. It also allows for easy transfers through the opening.

Our Used Type 3 Ambulances are Affordable

One problem that Type 3 ambulances have is that they’re often expensive. Our used type 3 ambulances for sale are considerably more affordable. We take great pride in repairing and fixing the ambulances until they’re back in great working order. Because the used Type III ambulance is at a great price, you can use your savings to invest in another used type 3 ambulance for sale or invest in more medical equipment. Buying a used version is a great way to get more bang for your buck.

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Used Type III Ambulances are Durable

While they may not have as much power as Type 1, Type III ambulances are renowned for their durability. Packed with a large and heavy-duty engine, the Type 3 can cruise along at high speeds without missing a beat. When you need a reliable ambulance to get you to the medical emergency, then you can rely on a Type III ambulance. They can rack up the miles and still get you to where you need to go.

Large Chasis Allows for Heavy-Duty Medical Equipment

Whether you need intensive care equipment or other pieces of equipment that can take up a lot of space, then a Type 3 can be useful. The large chassis on the back allows for plenty of storage. You can easily fit a patient inside while still storing equipment that can save their life.

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